The Straits Times
Published on Dec 10, 2012

Zizi Azah's play, Not Counted, wrestles with inequalities in Singapore


Playwright-director Zizi Azah, 32, was observing her toddler daughter playing with a toy claw machine, one of those that require you to manoeuvre a crane claw to pick up the stuffed toy you want.

Zizi says: "There was this sign that says, 'if the toy falls into the bin, but cannot come out - not counted.'

"It was very sad. So even if you catch it and it falls inside, but if it's stuck, the shop will not be responsible for you not getting your toy."

The phrase Not Counted became the title of Teater Ekamatra's year-end production. Zizi, artistic director of the theatre group, is writing and directing the work which wrestles with various inequalities in Singapore.