The Straits Times
Published on Dec 10, 2012

Concerned by trend of studying abroad


THE swift rise in the number of Singaporeans enrolling in universities abroad is not good news ("S'poreans flocking overseas to study"; last Tuesday). Are there statistics showing the percentage of such Singaporeans returning home to work and start a family?

The fact that these graduates are the ones Singapore needs for our industries and corporate world makes it imperative to find out why more citizens are making a beeline for such universities.

Could it be the allure of a more interesting and independent lifestyle, or is it due to the feeling of being crowded out by the number of people here?

Kudos to our Government for increasing the number of places in our universities to accommodate the aspirations of young citizens to obtain a degree.

Should we not also look into the social environment and future opportunities for our young against the backdrop of the number of foreign talent in our midst?

Tommy Lee