The Straits Times
Published on Dec 10, 2012

Traffic woes in the north


YISHUN-bound motorists from the city are stuck in a long queue every evening at the Seletar West Link/Seletar Club Road junction, and this backs all the way to Seletar Aerospace Drive.

Having a left-pointing green arrow when the main traffic light is red will help solve the problem.

Jalan Kayu is always jammed, especially in the mornings and evenings because of a single-lane contraction and the fact that the road is the only link there between Yio Chu Kang Road and the Tampines Expressway (TPE)/Seletar Aerospace Drive.

Construction trucks add to the headache, as do motorists from a new housing estate. A new road that connects Yio Chu Kang and TPE should help, but it is slated for completion only in 2015.

Jalan Kayu should be widened in the meantime; or adjust the traffic light timing to allow more green time through traffic along Jalan Kayu, to alleviate this perennial jam.

Wong Sang Hum