The Straits Times
Published on Dec 08, 2012

Jazz up Christmas feasts with recipes from home cooks


With the festive fragrance of meats a-roasting and cakes a-baking wafting through the kitchen, a home-cooked Christmas meal eaten with loved ones is the best way to celebrate the Yuletide season.

While restaurants and hotels roll out many delectable dishes for takeaway, many prefer to prepare food from scratch, even if it means slaving over the stove for hours or days.

SundayLife! speaks to five home cooks who share their tried-and-tested Yuletide recipes, which are part of their own family's Christmas feasts.

Ms Anita Fam, chairman of the Marriage Central Advisory Board, shares her spicy tamarind ham recipe, while Mr Lim Soon Hock, chairman of the National Family Council, does a kimchi pizza.