The Straits Times
Published on Dec 07, 2012

Freemason headquarters here gets $7.5 million revamp


The Freemasons are a notoriously secretive group, but in a sign that they are slowly opening up, the Singapore headquarters opened its doors to the media earlier this week for a tour of their newly revamped headquarters at Coleman Street.

The 133-year-old heritage building underwent a $7.5 million refurbishment that took four years. New electrical wiring has been installed, along with a proper lighting system for the exterior facade.

With more than 500 members using the premises, a new annex with three storeys and a basement was created at the back for more space. It houses a masonic library, a third smaller masonic temple and a museum.

The headquarters also has a new restaurant on the first floor which will be open to the general public in March.