The Straits Times
Published on Dec 07, 2012

Baffled, frustrated by logic for preferred seating


SEVERAL months ago, I bought four tickets to fly on Singapore Airlines (SIA) with my family and realised only recently that we had not been assigned seats together.

I logged on to the SIA website and tried to re-select my seats online but was unsuccessful. The SIA customer service officer I spoke to told me that the seats I had selected months ago were preferred seats and I would need to pay extra if I wanted them.

I am baffled by the logic. If that were so, why did the system let me pick the preferred seats in the first place without requiring me to pay the extra charges?

There was no indication when I made the initial selection that they were preferred seats. Worse, the system cancelled those seats after the seat selection was confirmed without notifying me.

I will be travelling with young children who cannot sit on their own.

Subsequently, the customer service officer managed to seat us together - these were not the ones I had picked previously and were not preferred seats.

The glitch was explained away as a systems error which appears, increasingly, to be the default reason given by SIA.

Low Li Peng (Ms)