The Straits Times
Published on Dec 05, 2012

Austrian farmers dip into Internet "milking" craze


VIENNA (REUTERS) - Dumping a bottle of milk over your head and filming it for a video post on the Internet has become a popular youth craze, but Austrian farmers say the spillage is a crying shame.

Milking, as the trend is known, is among a variety of tongue-in-cheek stunts in which young people shoot pictures or videos of themselves posing as owls, planks of wood, or famous people and then share them on YouTube and other social media.

Austria's AMA farm lobby on Wednesday launched its own "true milking" campaign to decry the wanton waste of dairy resources and to encourage consumers to drink it instead.

"At a time when too much food already lands in the trash, it is worth questioning dumping milk. This is a valuable product of nature that our farmers provide daily with lots of love and labour," AMA milk marketing manager Peter Hamedinger said.