The Straits Times
Published on Dec 05, 2012

Apple-Samsung billion-dollar legal duel continues


SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - Apple and Samsung will face off in federal court on Thursday over whether a juror's own legal dispute wrongly led to the South Korean firm being hit with a billion-dollar patent damages award.

At the hearing before US District Court Judge Lucy Koh, Samsung will present a motion to have the US$1.049 billion (S$1.278 billion) jury verdict tossed out based on the jury foreman's undisclosed legal skirmish with Seagate nearly 20 years ago.

The foreman had worked for Seagate, a technology company in which Samsung owns a small stake, and wound up declaring bankruptcy after a court battle with his former employer.

Samsung hopes to convince Koh that the juror's experience influenced the August verdict, in what amounted to misconduct strong enough to have the outcome overturned.