The Straits Times
Published on Dec 05, 2012

Britain makes climate pledge to help deal with global warming


DOHA (AFP) - Britain on Tuesday became the first country at United Nations climate talks in Doha to pledge money to help poor countries deal with global warming as negotiators battled to thrash out a funding deal.

The secretary of state for energy, Mr Ed Davey, said London would spend about 1.8 billion pounds (S$3.5 billion) from an international climate fund over the next three years, which meant "our climate finance will be 50 per cent higher in 2014/15 than it was in 2010/2011".

"That is a really big commitment to... public finance going ahead and I hope other countries will match that long-term commitment," he told reporters.

Poor countries at the Doha talks want developed nations to show how they intend keeping a promise to raise funding for poor nations' climate mitigation to US$100 billion per year by 2020 - up from a total US$30 billion in 2010-2012.