The Straits Times
Published on Dec 04, 2012

Boxer Tyson wants to take stage show worldwide


LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Boxing legend Mike Tyson said on Monday that he wants to take his one-man stage show on the road internationally, to countries including Saudi Arabia and India, if they'll let him in.

Announcing a United States (US) tour of his Undisputed Truth show - which opened in Las Vegas in April and transferred to Broadway - the 46-year-old said being on stage gave him a "high" like drugs did during his notorious hell-raising days.

Tyson, a convicted rapist who was recently denied a New Zealand visa, said a trip to Australia last month had given him confidence in his abilities to connect with audiences in the United States and beyond.

"The Australian press they thought I was the abominable snowman until they got to know me. They thought I was scary... They thought I was gonna give them a knuckle sandwich like back in the old days," he told reporters.