The Straits Times
Published on Dec 04, 2012

Ways to improve the train system


I BELIEVE our train system is one of the best in the world because it is clean, efficient, fast, punctual and easy to access. However, there is room for improvement.

There should be a booklet incorporating individual train lines and the whole train system, similar to the directory the bus system has. Currently, the train timetable is found only at the respective MRT stations. It would be very helpful to know which is the nearest and fastest station to change trains to get to our destination. By having a booklet, we can plan our journey while at home.

At the Expo station, there is only one exit. Passengers wishing to visit Expo Halls 5 and 6, have to walk a very long route to get there. Could SMRT consider another exit near to those halls?

There are not enough seats at quite a number of MRT stations, such as Bishan, Ang Mo Kio, Farrer Road, Serangoon, Tanah Merah and HarbourFront. The elderly need them.

At the Botanic Gardens station, when passengers exit the lift, they have to take a roundabout way to get to the walkway. Is it possible to lay the walkway at the lift exit?

The Circle Line has only three coaches, and during peak hours, passengers really have to squeeze their way in. Could more coaches be added? During off-peak hours, the number of coaches can be reduced.

The public address system is also not very audible at some stations.

Robert Ong