The Straits Times
Published on Dec 03, 2012

Repeated visits by banned gambler: Regulator replies


MR M. LUKSHUMAYEH ("How did man enter casino 20 times despite ban?"; Nov 22) referred to the case involving Tan Hiang Seng, who used another person's identity card to enter the casino.

We note that Tan has since been convicted in court for offences under the National Registration Act. With the recent amendments to the Casino Control Act (CCA) passed in Parliament on Nov 16 this year, it will now be a specific offence under the CCA for someone to impersonate another person to enter the casino.

Such an offence will carry a fine of up to $10,000, and/or up to three years in jail upon conviction.

Casino operators are to ensure that persons who have not paid entry levies, persons under an exclusion order and minors below 21 years old do not enter the casinos.

We have and will continue to take firm action against the casino operators where they have breached their duties in this regard.

Arising from this case, the casino operators have agreed to step up checks at the entry points of the casinos.

We also wish to remind the public that winnings of excluded persons and minors will be forfeited under the CCA.

Cheryl Foo (Ms)

Senior Assistant Director (Planning & Corporate Communications)

Casino Regulatory Authority