The Straits Times
Published on Dec 01, 2012

Finders of the lost tombs


Brothers Raymond and Charles Goh are expert tomb finders who have uncovered the tombs of nearly 100 notable Singapore pioneers including Tan Keong Saik, whom Keong Saik Street in Chinatown is named after, and most recently Teochew pioneer Seah Eu Chin, who was known as the Gambier King in Singapore.

The two started searching for graves in 2006, after Mr Raymond Goh, 48, a pharmacist who works for a Japanese multinational company, saw his own name on his grandfather's tomb.

He felt a strong connection and wondered if he could find the tombs of notable people in Singapore.

The brothers started exploring Bukit Brown cemetery, where many pioneers are known to have been buried. With the help of maps and a burial registry, they are now able to locate a tomb in Bukit Brown within three days, as long as they have the name and the death date of the individual.