The Straits Times
Published on Dec 01, 2012

Blind Chinese lawyer's nephew jailed for 3 years


BEIJING (AFP) - The nephew of blind Chinese lawyer Chen Guangcheng was jailed for more than three years for attacking officials who descended on his village after the dissident fled to the United States embassy, his father said.

Chen Guangcheng, who was imprisoned after exposing abuses under China's "one child" population control policy, caused a diplomatic row when he escaped house arrest in his village in Shandong province and reached the US mission in Beijing.

As he was freed to leave for the United States, government officials and police descended on his village home, prompting his nephew Chen Kegui to attack them with a kitchen knife, wounding three people.

"He was sentenced to three years and three months, this is extremely unfair. There is no principle in Chinese law, I feel there is no hope," Chen Guangfu, Chen Kegui's father, told AFP by phone from outside the courthouse.