The Straits Times
Published on Nov 29, 2012

Egypt's Mursi to address nation on Thursday


CAIRO (REUTERS) - Egypt's President Mohammed Mursi will address the nation on Thursday on a decree he issued last week and the street protests that erupted afterwards, a presidential source told Reuters on Wednesday.

Protesters have said Mr Mursi's decree gives him dictatorial powers but the source explained Mr Mursi would seek to clarify otherwise.

"The President will address the nation on state TV on Thursday evening and will speak about the constitutional decree and why it was issued as well as the events that ensued afterwards," said the source.

A member of the Muslim Brotherhood with knowledge of how the decree came about told Reuters that Mr Mursi, his vice-president Mahmoud Mekki, and two other independent legal experts started working on the decree in October after he failed to remove the then prosecutor general Abdel Maguid Mahmoud.