The Straits Times
Published on Nov 29, 2012

My Point


33% price increase for a simple dressing

MY son had an ingrown toe nail so we have been going to KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) regularly.

A simple dressing would cost me $15 on each visit. However, during a visit this month, the same dressing cost me $20 - a 33.3 per cent increase.

I wrote to KKH and it has contacted me to explain that it had tried to contain costs as far as possible.

I concur with this aim but I cannot comprehend the rationale behind such a steep increase. And I wonder what would be the percentage increase in other procedures?

Tan Su Peng (Ms)


It's an animal part, not a herb

I NOTICED that pangolin scale was listed among the various herbs recommended to help breastfeeding mothers ("Herbs for breastfeeding mums"; Mind Your Body, last Thursday).

This is not a herb but a part of an endangered animal and ought to be viewed in the same manner as a bear's paw, a tiger's penis or a rhino's horn.

The scale may be only a small part of the pangolin but the whole animal is killed in order to harvest the scales.

The consumption of parts of an endangered animal should be discouraged.

Carol Lim Starke (Mrs)


Customs video's overlong spiel on taxable items

ON A Thai Airways flight approaching Changi Airport on Nov 16, a video message from Singapore Customs was broadcast on the plane's inflight entertainment system.

Instead of presenting brief messages about the penalties for drug or smuggling offences, the video rambled on in great detail about duty-free allowances for travellers and warned of the penalties for not declaring goods properly.

It seems to suggest that the Singapore Customs was solely focused on raising customs revenue, and creates a bad first impression of Singapore.

The Singapore Customs should withdraw or make changes to the video immediately.

Ang Chee Chien