The Straits Times
Published on Nov 28, 2012

Valid complaint or not, they have committed an offence


ALL disputes, whether they be labour-related, social or religious, should go through a proper process of consultation and negotiation ("102 SMRT bus drivers protest against pay"; yesterday).

These workers should have sought legal advice or gone to the Ministry of Manpower with regard to disagreements over their compensation.

Singapore has a large population of foreign workers.

Letting such a public display of disregard for the Singapore legal system go unpunished will encourage events of a similar nature to happen in future.

I urge the Government to act strongly and decisively on this issue.

I do not question the underlying motives or justifications for such an act.

But it must be recognised that no matter what the causes are, such an act is an offence and a breach of the legal statutes of Singapore.

The sanctity of the laws of Singapore must be upheld and respected by everyone living in Singapore regardless of race, nationality or religion.

Gideon Tan