The Straits Times
Published on Nov 27, 2012

J-pop trio Perfume surprised by enthusiasm of Singapore fans


Popular electropop trio Perfume draws in crowds by the thousands back home in Japan, but were still pleasantly surprised by a modest group of 30 fans upon their recent arrival here.

Perfume comprise Yuka Kashino, 23, better known by her nickname Kashiyuka, Ayano Omoto, 24, aka Nocchi, and de facto spokesman Ayaka Nishiwaki, 23, aka A-chan.

Kashino says in Japanese via a translator: "At the airport, I saw more than 30 fans waiting for us, and we were really surprised because it was about 5.30am. They should have been sleeping but they were there, wearing handmade t-shirts, holding banners welcoming us."

They were here to perform for their first solo gig last Saturday night (Nov 24), a 1,000-seat sold out concert at *Scape Warehouse.