The Straits Times
Published on Nov 27, 2012

Oscars buzz intensifies for Bigelow's bin Laden film Zero Dark Thirty


LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Oscar-winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow's long-awaited movie about the hunt for and killing of Osama bin Laden is generating Academy Awards buzz, even before its release next month.

The director, who won Academy Awards in 2010 for Iraq war drama The Hurt Locker, had extensive access to classified material in the making of Zero Dark Thirty, a process that began long before bin Laden's death in May 2011.

The movie centres on a female CIA analyst - played by Jessica Chastain - credited as a key force in the hunt for the Al Qaeda chief, killed by US Navy Seals in an audacious dead-of-night raid on his hiding place in Pakistan.

"Zero Dark Thirty could well be the most impressive film Bigelow has made, as well as possibly her most personal," commented the Hollywood Reporter, after initial screenings of the movie. "The film's power steadily and relentlessly builds over its long course, to a point that is terrifically imposing and unshakable," it added.