The Straits Times
Published on Nov 26, 2012

COE prices: Worry over hawker parents' transport needs


LAST Thursday's article ("Two COE prices hit record high") made me worry me about how my parents can afford another commercial vehicle after their current certificate of entitlement (COE) expires in three years' time.

My parents are hawkers and my father must set off as early as 5.30am daily from Sengkang to Ang Mo Kio to set up his food stall. Without a vehicle, transport is a problem.

I understand the Government's concern over the rising number of vehicles on the road. In fact, I find it more convenient to travel via public transport than by car.

However, there are people like my parents who need to own vehicles. The ever-increasing COE prices are making it virtually impossible for them to afford even a used car.

Cheryl Lim (Ms)