The Straits Times
Published on Nov 24, 2012

One man's anti-litter drive


EVERY Singapore resident is responsible for keeping public spaces free of rubbish, as they would for their own homes. That is to say, they must ensure that rubbish is thrown only in bins provided ("S'pore a clean city? Don't joke", Nov 4; and "PM: Pitch in to keep up cleanliness levels in S'pore"; Nov 12).

I have picked up litter from MRT station stairs, HDB walkways and parks and thrown them into the nearest bins, as I believe in a "no litter within my sight" approach.

I have carried litter in plastic bags, which I have with me, and dumped them in my house's rubbish chute or my office's bins if there were no bins in the vicinity. It takes little effort but a clean and green environment is my purpose.

I applaud Keep Singapore Clean Movement chief Liak Teng Lit's efforts. There should be more public displays and anti-litter announcements, such as MediaCorp's non-commercial public address.

Jason Ong