The Straits Times
Published on Nov 21, 2012

You can't have it both ways in parenting


ARE Singaporean children today becoming more soft ("Scary TV ad prompts girl, 9, to write to MP"; last Saturday)?

During the black-and-white TV era, children watched horror shows such as Pontianak and Dracula, and lived in poorly lit kampung houses located among "ghostly" banana trees. Howling stray dogs and snake encounters were not unusual.

Children nowadays stay up and watch TV with their parents. Some parents tend to leave the TV on and let their children watch without supervision. Screening scary shows or trailers before 10pm becomes less appropriate.

If parents want their children to be tougher, train them to be bold and courageous. If not, then ensure that children are closely guarded so that they are not exposed to horror movies.

Ang Chin Guan