The Straits Times
Published on Nov 20, 2012

Step up checks on errant truck drivers


THE recent string of incidents involving trucks tipping over have become a source of worry for many road users ("Container truck tips over on flyover"; last Saturday).

I am working in the northern end of Singapore, and dumper trucks have become a familiar sight to me. The sight of these trucks travelling on the expressway in excess of their stipulated speed limit has become common.

I have also come across instances of trucks entering road bends at high speeds. In addition, these trucks are commonly loaded above their limits, causing debris - from mud to large rocks - to fall off the vehicles and create potential hazards for other road users.

I urge the Traffic Police and the relevant authorities to step up enforcement on errant truck drivers.

The authorities should ensure that truck drivers are adequately educated on the physics and limitations of their vehicles, so as to protect themselves and other road users from potentially deadly accidents.

Calixius Koh