The Straits Times
Published on Nov 19, 2012

Writer Patricia Cornwell digs for dinosaurs as part of research


American thriller writer Patricia Cornwell dug for dinosaurs while researching her latest novel about forensic pathologist and crime-buster Kay Scarpetta.

The Bone Bed, the 20th novel in the series, is in Singapore stores now. It features a paleontologist who disappears from the wilds of Canada and was inspired by a trip Cornwell took in July last year to Alberta, where the remains of prehistoric animals have been found.

Being out in the middle of nowhere sparked a book idea, says Cornwell, 56, over the phone from the United Kingdom, where she was on a book tour earlier this month.

"Because it was so remote, the campsite was so isolated and dark, it was pouring with rain and muddy, I thought: 'You know, this would be an ideal place for someone to disappear.'"