The Straits Times
Published on Nov 19, 2012

Hundreds of NY homes to be razed after superstorm Sandy


NEW YORK (AFP) - Hundreds of New York City homes deemed to be safety hazards after superstorm Sandy will be razed, in a vast operation described by the mayor's office as "unprecedented."

New York is still picking up after last month's mammoth confluence of a hurricane and a seasonal "nor'easter" storm plowed through the United States (US) north-east, landing a direct blow on the city and parts of neighboring New Jersey.

The mayor's office also announced Sunday that fuel rationing put in place on Nov 9, after the storm disrupted deliveries and power at gas stations across the region, would continue through Friday.

Some 200 houses in the New York boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island that were hardest hit by Sandy are to be demolished in the coming weeks or months.