The Straits Times
Published on Nov 18, 2012

Affordable Art Fair rings in the sales


Australian gallerist Bree Delian barely has time to take a break at her booth at the Affordable Art Fair. There is a busy stream of collectors making enquiries, and of course, buying artworks.

One of her most popular artists is Canadian artist Marie-Danielle Lablanc, whose abstract landscapes painted on cherry wood have been selling like hot cakes. At the press time, seven have found buyers.

Snatching a few moments between fielding queries from interested buyers, Ms Delian, 36, tells Life!: "In Australia, we can get quite isolated in terms of the international art scene. So it's great that we get to come to Singapore to introduce some exceptional artists to people here." The artworks at her booth are priced between A$190 (S$241) and A$6,000.

This is the second time that her gallery, Retrospect Galleries, located in Byron Bay, New South Wales, is taking part in Singapore's Affordable Art Fair, an annual art fair with works costing between $100 and $10,000. Three-quarters of the works on show are priced under $7,500.