The Straits Times
Published on Nov 18, 2012

New TV series sets out to document history of human race as action film


New documentary series Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us aims to document the entire history of the human race from a fresh "big history" perspective.

Its producers spoke to more than 60 scholars and experts from around the world and culled intriguing pieces of information, such as how 13th-century Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan, famously known for his ruthless ways, became that way due to a tilt in the earth's axis.

Mankind's executive producer Julian Hobbs says: "We looked at how the natural world affected humanity and the root of Genghis Khan being such a dominant figure was the unexpected tilt of the earth's axis. There was then a period of extreme heat within the steppes of Asia that depleted natural food, which made them hungry to scrounge for resources elsewhere.

"Genghis was thus born out of something that happened out of the universe. The fact that the natural world can change how humans are, is entertaining and eye-opening."