The Straits Times
Published on Nov 17, 2012

MediaCorp apologises for climactic cutaway


MEDIACORP'S Channel 5 was scheduled to carry two live sports events on Sunday: the Barclays Singapore Open and Fina/Arena Swimming  World Cup ("MediaCorp does it again..." by Mr Sia Cheong Yew; yesterday).

As the Barclays Singapore Open over-ran by some two hours and Channel 5 was pre-committed to broadcast the Fina/Arena Swimming World Cup live at 6pm, there was a split decision made at the 6pm mark to cut over to swimming.

We recognise that it was a wrong judgment call as Italy's Matteo Manassero's (right) winning putt was made at that crucial point.

Updated results of the Barclays Singapore Open and the play-off between eventual winner Manassero and Louis Oosthuizen were shown later, during News 5 Tonight, and replayed at midnight.

We sincerely apologise for our inability to complete the Barclays Singapore Open live telecast on Channel 5.

We are reviewing our management of live programming so that similar situations will be handled more suitably and sensitively in future.

Joy Olby-Tan (Ms)


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