The Straits Times
Published on Nov 14, 2012

My Point


Problem posed by tinted bus windows

IT IS good that bus operators have improved services by rolling out new routes ("New bus service for Hougang, Serangoon"; last Wednesday). However, there is one problem that has been overlooked for years.

The tinted windows on buses make it difficult to see outside on overcast days or at night.

This creates problems for commuters, especially senior citizens, who must strain their eyes to ascertain their location. Many have alighted at the wrong stop because of this.

Some buses have a system installed to let commuters know the location of the next stop. Perhaps this can be extended to all buses.

Noel Low

Improving survival from cardiac arrest

I APPLAUD the First Aid Corps' efforts in improving survival from cardiac arrest ("Emergency medical treatment: All-hands-on- deck approach vital"; Nov 6).

Singapore has a long way to go in this area as we have a survival-to-discharge rate of between 2 per cent and 4 per cent, compared with 25 per cent for Stavanger in Norway.

Implementing the measures the First Aid Corps outlined could help improve the survival rate. But we should remember that managing cardiac arrest remains an uphill task, and that ongoing public and political will is needed to fund research into new innovations to improve outcomes.

Tan Sing Chee (Dr)