The Straits Times
Published on Nov 14, 2012

Base car ownership on household size


THERE is another way to curb the vehicle population in Singapore ("Lowering COE prices: Drastic steps needed" by Mr Louis Francis Albert, Monday; and "One million vehicles on the road", last Thursday), and that is to base car ownership on household size.

Our tax and electricity rebates are already working on this basis, so why not car ownership?

Our ratio of vehicles to people is 1:5. So the Land Transport Authority (LTA) could base car ownership on the size of the household, allowing a household of five family members or fewer to own only one car.

Where the household has more than five members but fewer than 10, a maximum of two cars can be allowed. This formula can be applied to larger families, based on multiples of five.

In addition, the LTA can work with the Ministry of Social and Family Development to offer "car tax rebates" to households that have grandparents or children. This will encourage young couples to live with their parents and have babies.

Chia Eu Foong