The Straits Times
Published on Nov 13, 2012

China's aerospace giant AVIC taps capital markets for growth


BEIJING (REUTERS) - Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), the country's dominant aerospace and defence contractor, plans to raise more money in the mainland and Hong Kong stock markets to bankroll future growth and develop its first top-of-the-line jet engine.

Beijing is opening up a sector traditionally shielded from competition and public scrutiny as it taps private-sector funds to help speed up the development of its aviation and defence firms to compete with global giants such as Lockheed Martin.

China is also looking to build its first high-performance engine for its commercial aircraft and fighter jets to end its dependence on Russian and Western manufacturers. AVIC has already set aside about 10 billion yuan (S$1.9 billion) of its own funds for engine research and development over the next three years.

"We hope to partly finance the project with funds raised from the capital markets. About how much we want to raise, I would say the more the better," AVIC Chairman Lin Zuoming told the media on the sidelines of the 18th Communist Party Congress late on Monday, without giving details.