The Straits Times
Published on Nov 13, 2012

Nurturing creativity and idealism in youth


I CANNOT agree more with Ms Low Minmin ("It's time to craft a fresh Singapore story"; last Saturday).

Two whole generations of Singaporeans have been taught that "grades are your oysters".

There is a lack of idealism in our young, and certainly a lack of involvement in our old. We seem to think, or are taught to think, that good grades lead to better lives and better jobs.

Have we ever wondered how better jobs come about? Who created them? Isn't it better to be the one who creates these jobs than to be the one who works in them?

How can Singapore transform into a better society and a better nation? We need our young to be able to dream and to realise their ideals.

Only when our education system can foster such an environment can Singapore move into the next stage of development.

Right now, we are trapped in the "better, faster and cheaper" syndrome.

Robert Lim