The Straits Times
Published on Nov 12, 2012

Put 'no-cleaner' suggestion to the test in estates


I FULLY agree with Keep Singapore Clean Movement chief Liak Teng Lit that Singapore should become a clean city, and not a cleaned one ("S'pore a clean city? Don't joke"; Nov 4).

To add to his suggestion of not sending out cleaners to clean up after next year's National Day Parade, I propose an earlier trial.

Select a few blocks of flats to be without cleaners for three days, but do not inform the residents. At the end of the trial, photos can be taken of the area and published in the press to shame litterbugs and remind residents of the key role of cleaners.

If residents do not litter, we will need fewer cleaners, which will ease the labour shortage and perhaps reduce conservancy charges.

Ng Choon Hong (Madam)