The Straits Times
Published on Nov 11, 2012

Venice flooded as 200 evacuated in Tuscany


VENICE (AFP) - Floodwaters drenched most of the tourist destination of Venice, leading to the evacuation of 200 people in Tuscany, as bad weather hit northern Italy at the weekend, the authorities said on Sunday.

In Venice itself, heavy rains and winds from the south triggered "acqua alta" (high water) and 70 per cent of the city was flooded, with sea levels reaching a peak of 1.5m above normal before receding slightly, they said.

In Tuscany, around 200 people were evacuated because of heavy rains that flooded homes and caused mudslides, local officials said. The most affected region was the province of Massa and Carrara, which produces the famous Carrara marble.

In Massa di Carrara alone, some 50 people were evacuated and a car was carried away by an overflowing river, but the couple in the vehicle were saved by firefighters.