The Straits Times
Published on Nov 11, 2012

Enjoy the journey - get lost, Pico Iyer advises


Walk slowly, talk to new people and don't follow an itinerary, are some of travel writer Pico Iyer's tips for great trips.

The renowned world wanderer spoke to close to 400 people at two overflowing sessions at the Singapore Writers Festival on Saturday.

Later, he signed copies of his books including the 1992 Kyoto travelogue, The Lady And The Monk, and this year's The Man Within My Head, a meditation on British novelist Graham Greene.

Iyer, 55, revealed that when he travels, he does not bother to learn new languages and would rather follow strangers than a fixed itinerary. For example, on one visit to Cuba, as he took a taxi from his hotel, a stranger immediately got in as well and offered to be his guide.