The Straits Times
Published on Nov 10, 2012

When a fading colour is uniformly embarrassing


BY AND large, I am proud of Changi Airport. Virtually every aspect of the airport passes the excellence scrutiny - bar one. That would be the uniforms of the security officers inside the departure zone.

At times, they seem to be wearing uniforms that have long seen fresher days - faded, and a pale shadow of the blue one is accustomed to seeing on proper police uniforms.

What is unfortunate is that they are manning an important place - the departure lounge, where visitors form lasting impressions.

I say this because I overheard tourists remarking about the airport's impressive efficiency and facilities, and then laughed when they spotted auxiliary police officers wearing faded uniforms.

We usually ignore the colour of an officer's uniform until it becomes an embarrassment. When it reaches such a stage, it should be fixed.

Cheong Tiong Hua