The Straits Times
Published on Nov 10, 2012

...No they don't


MADAM Lucy Ng was wrong in citing improper facilities and unhygienic cleaning practices as the reason food centre patrons are unwilling to return their trays ("Tray returning: Details that make all the difference"; Monday).

The problem of trays not being returned is due to people's mindset. And the main reason patrons do not return their trays is the presence of a large number of cleaners.

In Australia, food spaces have bins and there are no cleaners around, making patrons inclined to return their own trays and not make a mess, because the responsibility lies with them to keep the place clean.

That said, we should also consider if we really want our cleaners to lose their jobs. If not, we should not take encouraging the act of tray returning too far.

Carol Yuen (Ms)