The Straits Times
Published on Nov 10, 2012

Soccer fan cries foul over changes to TV sports package


DIE-HARD Uefa Champions League football fans like me, who have been keeping faith with SingTel's mioTV since the competition's migration from cable television, feel hard done by with SingTel's unilateral changes to the subscription package.

Earlier last year, I renewed my subscription with SingTel. In line with its changes in costs, I am now charged $40 plus for the "Ultimate Sports Package", which also includes English Premiership football and Uefa Cup matches.

I have been able to view only the first three matches of the group stages of the current season of the Champions League. When I sought an explanation from the telco's call centre, I had to wait for 43 minutes before staff responded.

I was told there had been a change in service provider. They had a "preview" period, which had elapsed, and to continue watching the Champions League matches, I would have to pay for a new package.

I must state that the call centre staff was polite and extremely patient but, that being said, ensuring fairness was not part of his brief.

There was no resolution to the premise of my complaint, which was: I had signed a contract for a comprehensive sports package, which meant that I had paid for the best football package mioTV was offering. Yet, SingTel now wants me to pay more for the same content.

Even if the terms change along the way, shouldn't SingTel honour what it had originally promoted and promised to deliver for the current season?

Simon Goh