The Straits Times
Published on Nov 08, 2012

My point


Establish a "You Can Call Me" registry instead

WHILE I welcome the establishment of a national Do-Not-Call registry, most respondents are likely to reject telemarketers' calls.

Perhaps the Government should consider an opt-in approach; call it the "You Can Call Me" registry.

Such an opt-in approach can improve the enforcement of the law as there are fewer people involved, cut processing time by having a smaller database, and will allow for the inclusion of children and the mentally disabled.

The scheme could be expanded to let individuals who sign up indicate the marketing messages they wish to receive.

The best way to safeguard our private information is to keep it to ourselves instead of registering with a commission, and the opt-in approach offers that.

James Poh

Avoid holding AGMs at odd venues and times

DIRECTORS of Singapore-listed companies should not hold meetings at venues and times which are inconvenient for shareholders ("Listed firms' AGMs to be livelier", Monday).

If a meeting is held at Sungei Kadut Industrial Estate at 9am, for example, it is likely to be attended by only the directors and employees of the company who are shareholders. The meeting is likely to end in less than half an hour.

Chiang Bak Hoi

Consider taxi concession scheme for seniors

IF BUS and train operators offer concession fares for seniors, why not taxi operators? Taxis are a form of public transport as well, and seniors rely on them too.

Special fares will be especially helpful for seniors who need to go for their medical appointments, because of the physical convenience.

Stiff car prices will drive more seniors off the car-owning market, forcing them to depend on public transport. Remember too that seniors who are grandparents help out by ferrying their grandchildren to and from school.

Certainly, such a scheme is challenging, but it will go a long way towards alleviating two major concerns today, which are to keep an ageing population active and healthy, and to provide help and support for young families.

Jennie Cheong (Mrs)