The Straits Times
Published on Nov 08, 2012

No profit from BTO 'extras': HDB


THE Optional Component Scheme provides buyers of new Build-to-Order (BTO) flats with the choice of having internal doors, sanitary fittings and floor finishes in the flats they select ("Review contractors' charges for HDB flat extras" by Ms Joan Chng; last Thursday).

The scheme is offered entirely on an opt-in basis, and was introduced to reduce wastage, as HDB observed that some flat owners may replace the components with their preferred products after moving in.

For example, in offering doors under the scheme, we set out specifications which include the installation, ironmongery, and lockset. The standard of quality of doors provided often cannot be visually assessed externally.

The thickness of doors and detailing of timber rails are constructed to HDB specifications and contribute to their solidity and sturdiness.

The doors are subjected to tests to ensure that the quality is not compromised.

The designs also minimise chipping and seepage of water into the timber frames, and levers are provided for the elderly.

During the one-year Defects Liability Period, HDB will rectify all defective items, if any.

Details of the scheme's offerings are presented in an open and transparent way.

They are priced based on quotes obtained from suppliers according

to our specifications and requirements, which are also regularly reviewed.

As the same prices are used to pay the contractor, we do not profit from the sale of items under the scheme.

Studio apartments are a unique housing type, purpose-built for senior citizens.

They come with elderly-friendly features like grab bars, alert alarm systems, pre-installed kitchen cabinets and wardrobes.

This facilitates the ability of elderly flat buyers to move into their new apartments quickly, without the hassle of carrying out major renovations.

Like all HDB flats offered for public sale, the pricing of studio apartments takes into account prevailing market conditions, location and flat attributes.

They are reasonably priced and specially equipped to meet the lifestyle needs of seniors.

Besides studio apartments, elderly buyers have other housing options, for instance, right-sizing to a two-room flat.

Wong Wee Yoo

Director (Contracts & Cost Management)

Housing & Development Board