The Straits Times
Published on Nov 07, 2012

Stricter criteria for personalised work passes for foreign professionals

Yearly pay limit raised to $144,000 from $34,000; period cut to 3 years


From next month, foreign professionals seeking the top-tier Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) have to earn more than four times what they currently have to make in a year.

Their annual income has to be at least $144,000, a sharp rise from the current $34,000. In addition, the duration of this pass, which cannot be renewed, will be shortened from five years to three years.

These changes, announced by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on its website last week, represent the latest move by the Government to tighten the inflow of foreign labour, a hot-button issue at the last general election.

The PEP lets foreigners work in Singapore without being tied to a specific employer. They can also stay for up to six months between jobs, compared with a month for Employment Pass (EP) holders.