The Straits Times
Published on Nov 07, 2012

Updates on mall renovation: MP explains


I AGREE with Mr Chia Yong Soong ("A mall stuck in limbo for the wrong reasons"; last Friday) that it is important for me to keep residents informed of the status of the works when there are delays.

With respect to the issues raised by Mr Chia, once the Housing Board (HDB) informed the main contractor of its termination last month and informed me of the termination, I sought clarification from the HDB concerning the future timelines of the project.

Once I received that clarification, I posted an update on my Facebook page on Oct 25, which was subsequently picked up by the press the next day.

I could not have communicated any information concerning the termination of the contract until the HDB officially informed me of it.

Our constituency's newsletter PEQ is published quarterly.

The termination occurred only last month, after the last issue of PEQ was distributed in late August.

I have written an update to be published in the next issue of PEQ, to be sent to residents late this month or early next month.

In my Facebook notification, I stated that the contractor abandoned the project as I had observed that all work had ceased on site from September this year.

The legal termination of the contract by the HDB followed.

The priority now is to ensure that the works will be completed without further delay and with minimum inconvenience to residents.

This includes stepping up measures to enhance cleanliness and safety, and ensuring that tenants receive the support they need to remain in operation and thereby serve the needs of the residents.

I will continue to work with the Housing Board on these issues.

I will also do my best to continue to keep residents updated about the status of the works.

Michael Palmer

Member of Parliament

Punggol East Constituency