The Straits Times
Published on Nov 07, 2012

Birds deserve protection


I EMPATHISE with Mr Daniel Ng ("It's a big bird and a nuisance, but it's protected"; last Saturday). I have encountered these Asian Koels in my estate too.

Yes, they were a nuisance, but I was glad that my estate was a suitable place for them to breed. These birds are seasonal and usually breed between March and August.

I have seen the brown and white spotted female and black male in my neighbourhood. In fact, one of the male birds crashed into my window once, and I nursed it until it was well enough to fly off.

Sadly, I do not see these birds, or the kingfishers or the woodpeckers, in my estate anymore due to the loss of habitat.

So, I count Mr Ng fortunate to be living amid natural greenery and to have seen these birds, as many Singaporeans have not.

Let us adapt and tolerate these protected birds.

Melinda Ann Michael (Ms)