The Straits Times
Published on Nov 07, 2012

Effective penalties needed against motorists colliding with cyclists


I WAS cycling behind my son at 6.50am on a weekday when he was involved in a collision with a car - a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) - along Nicoll Highway at Republic Ave.

A bus driver who was behind my son was quick to stop to offer assistance, but the MPV driver sped away. When I caught up with him, he denied that a collision occurred, and sped off when the lights turned green.

I called 999 after trying the Traffic Police hotline without receiving a reply.

The ambulance and the police came shortly, and medical aid was given to my son, who had bruises on his right arm and leg, and who was left with a partly damaged bicycle.

No traffic policeman was dispatched to track down the driver and I was informed later that the driver and the car was found at Marina Bay Sands.

The law does not do enough to protect cyclists, and the penalties are too light to deter errant drivers.

The insurance will pay for the damage, and an errant driver gets off all too lightly.

The fact that my son's injury was not severe should not mean that the penalty need be less punitive if the driver is found to have erred, and certainly not if he remains in denial and unrepentant about his role in an accident.

Mohamed Salim Mohd Amin