The Straits Times
Published on Nov 01, 2012

Apple's iPad mini has display from rival Samsung


SAN FRANCISCO (REUTERS) - Apple's new iPad mini includes a display from South Korea's Samsung Electronics, a key supplier but also the Silicon Valley tech giant's fiercest rival in a global mobile-device war.

The iPad mini, to be available in stores on Friday, also includes Apple's A5 processor, SK Hynix flash memory, a Broadcom touch controller and a number of chips from Fairchild Semiconductor International, according to electronics repair company iFixit, which acquired one early and opened it on Thursday.

"Though the markings on the back of the LCD (display) don't turn up much information, the Samsung display driver (chip) reveals that Apple once again went with Samsung in its display manufacturing," iFixit said.

Apple and Samsung are engaged in patent disputes across several countries as they vie for market share in the booming mobile industry, and Apple is believed to be seeking ways to rely less on Samsung. Samsung, though, remains a key supplier for Apple, manufacturing its application processors and providing other components.