The Straits Times
Published on Nov 01, 2012

Historic cemeteries offer Halloween tours of famous dead


CHARLESTON, South Carolina (REUTERS) - About 33,000 people are buried under the Spanish moss-draped oaks of Charleston's historic Magnolia Cemetery, but visitors during a Halloween tour were most interested in a plot that holds the remains of 21 Confederate sailors.

The sailors were the crew members of the Hunley, a Confederate submarine that went down in battle after sinking the Union ship Housatonic during the Civil War off the shore of Charleston in February 1864.

"I think it's a fascinating human story," said Brandy Culp of the Historic Charleston Foundation, who led the tour. "It's a story of great invention, hope and of course the tragedy that, in the end, these men gave their life for a cause they believed in."

The sunken submarine was raised from the ocean floor in 2000. In 2004 the recovered remains of the crew were buried with full military honours - the last Confederate funeral of the Civil War.