The Straits Times
Published on Nov 01, 2012

No crowd near Thai teen when she fell at MRT station

CCTV footage shows no contact with other passengers before she fell


Videos shown in court on Wednesday cast doubt over Thai teenager Nitcharee Peneakchanasak's claim that she had felt passengers' close contact before she lost her balance and fell onto the train tracks.

The videos, comprising platform security camera footage, showed fewer than 30 people on the platform of Ang Mo Kio station in April last year.

The footage showed Nitcharee suddenly falling forward towards the track, with her head over the edge of the platform. Her body then flipped over the edge of the platform, as if she was doing a somersault.

She landed with both legs on the tracks. Less than six seconds later, an oncoming train ran over her legs. One of them was severed while the other was amputated later in hospital. Two videos - both closed-circuit television footage from different cameras - which captured the teenager's fall, were shown in court for the first time on Wednesday.