The Straits Times
Published on Oct 31, 2012

The Straits Times launches enhanced smartphone and iPad apps


The Straits Times will launch two enhanced applications for smartphones and the iPad starting Nov 1.

The iPhone and iPad editions offers The Straits Times in native and PDF formats, with free breaking news. The Android edition, also with free breaking news, will be offered in native format. They will cost $26.65 per month, and the ST Online Premium edition, which contains the full content of the newspaper, will cost the same.

The iPad and iPhone editions can also be downloaded from the iTunes store at US$27.99 (approximately S$35) per month. Those editions will also now have access to print ST CATS Classified and Recruit sections in PDF formats.

Android editions can be found at the Google Play store.

There are also new subscription packages and offerings starting tomorrow. With an All-In-One package, offered at $28.65 per month, readers can access content concurrently on their iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones.

Previously, access was limited to one iOS device and one Android smartphone. Those on the current All-In-One packages can upgrade to the new package at no extra charge until the end of their contract period.

Mr Warren Fernandez, Editor of The Straits Times, said: "More of our readers are relying on their mobile devices to stay updated with the latest news on the go through the day. Many also enjoy sitting back to read our news reports and analysis pieces on their tablets, as well as in print, when they have more time."

"This is why we are offering our content across platforms, with new apps making use of the latest technology, and various pricing packages, to meet the needs of our readers."

For a summary of the various pricing packages, and details of how to subscribe to the new ST All-in-One package, subscribers can visit the revamped e-shop at