The Straits Times
Published on Oct 31, 2012

'Stunning' start for Windows 8: Microsoft chief


SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer on Tuesday said the Windows 8 operating system was off to a "stunning" start with four million upgrades downloaded since its release on Oct 26.

"In just the last three days, we have sold four million Windows 8 upgrades," Mr Ballmer said while kicking off a Build Conference for developers at the software giant's headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

"The level of embrace from enthusiasts is very, very high." Ballmer added that tens of millions of businesses have also switched to the latest version of Windows.

Analysts have depicted Windows 8 as a bold bet for Microsoft since it dramatically changed the long-familiar user interface to adapt to touch-screen mobile devices increasingly popular in modern lifestyles.