The Straits Times
Published on Oct 28, 2012

David Foster: Babyface is a better songwriter than me


Canadian songwriter and producer David Foster celebrated his last two birthdays in Singapore because they coincided with his concerts here.

He is doing it again this year. He turns 63 a day before the first of two concerts at The Star Theatre on Friday and Saturday.

But the focus of this weekend's shows is not him, Foster says. They are designed to "give the people of Singapore a great show" and the singers will not necessarily be singing songs that he has composed or produced.

He says: "I don't care if it's my material or not. I'm a good host. I make singers feel good, I know that I'm a good musical director and I have a great band and we can make them sound as great as possible. I want to give people a show they can never see elsewhere and that's exactly what we are doing and that's what David Foster And Friends have evolved to."